The Power of a Smile

I lift the burdened heart with a glance,


And open locked doors with a wave.


I move mountains of weariness and grief,


Douse flames of anger,


Lighten the darkness of lonely souls.


I speak joy and hope in tongues I do not know


And brighten the faces of those before me.


I am a smile


– J. Carey




You don’t remember your first smile.


You were an infant, old enough to be alert and aware of the people around you, but very young.


Someone, probably your mother, was close enough to fill your sight, and was looking at you in love and joy, stroking you and making happy sounds.  You felt warm and safe and joyful, and you communicated that to the person who was making you feel that way in your primal language: Your first smile.


 Unfortunately over the decades, your smile has been damaged by wear and tear, grinding and disease, with damage to your physical and emotional health, appearance and social life.  Restoring that smile in a systematic and holistic way is the focus of Rose Wang Dental Implant Center. While we study continually to ensure we are using the latest cutting-edge technology and dental restoration systems, it’s not just about fixtures.  It’s about the whole-hearted wellness – physical and emotional – that comes with a healthy smile for life. 


This isn’t about selling dental fixtures – it’s about restoring a New Smile that creates a New You.


Let’s talk about the power of your smile.


It’s one of the first things we do, our first expression of happiness, peace and security.  From the first toothless baby smile, it’s our natural interaction with the world.  It’s a universal language, common worldwide.  It doesn’t need to be taught – it is instinctive and continues with toddlers, adolescents and teenagers.  A smile reflects a joyful soul as we become perfect young adults, start dating and begin a family. Now we’re getting older, and that smile is always with us. Weariness of life, stress, grief and the embarrassment of broken or diseased teeth may bury that smile.  But this is something everyone needs to know: Never forget you have a smile, no matter how it is buried.


Every day patients come to us and say: “I can’t smile anymore.” 


But truly you can smile. You possess the muscles and knowledge of how to do it. But along the way, something – fear, stress, pain, embarrassment, etc. – has robbed you of the will to smile. 


And even after they have a state-of-the art full mouth restoration, they still don’t smile – they’ve forgotten it.  One of your primal instincts has been locked away, unused. People need to welcome it back into the light.


Truly, your teeth are the foundation of your smile; so our teeth are a foundation of our health, right?  Smiling babies aren’t self-conscious – and even kids with missing baby teeth continue to laugh and smile.  But adults are very affected by embarrassment and self-consciousness, and without teeth, it’s actually very hard to be able to smile. It’s not the same.


Life expectancy and your smile


Here’s something to think about.  As recently as a hundred years ago, the average American life expectancy was 50 years old.  It’s more common now to reach 100 years old – double the life expectancy of a century ago. With modern science and technology, it’s not just a dream – we can live that long. 


When the life expectancy was 50, it was common – even expected – that the last few years of life would mean losing your teeth.  And unfortunately, even today, it’s accepted as a normal part of aging.  But if you’re 50 now – the last of the Baby Boomers – you may have half of your life left. So if you want to live to be 100 years old, the teeth become a very important issue.  Mental attitude, peace and joy are as much a factor in longevity as the physical body.  


And marketers work hard to hit us Baby Boomers with reminders everywhere, targeting our aging concerns. TV commercials, pop-up ads for anti-aging medicines, Botox, skin conditioners, etc. 


But I think, no matter what, that a beautiful smile is the foundation for anti-aging.  Dental problems can be a major cause of aging looks, as well as critical health and emotional problems. Likewise a healthy dental condition and a beautiful smile are a part of our energy and skeletal balance system. If your teeth are not in the right place, your whole body will be crooked. Your body balance isn’t about what you wear on your feet. It actually starts from your teeth. When you’re missing your teeth and molars, you start chewing to one side, and your face slowly starts to become crooked. And your chewing joint, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is like any other joint. It can wear out. It requires a balance, and it needs to be preserved as much as possible. Jaw replacements are becoming more common, with numbers tripling in the past several years. But the truth is, we don’t need to have that many joint replacements.  Properly balanced occlusion is a healthy way to cut that down.


 So today, when we talk about the power of a smile, just know one thing: you do have that power in you. You can smile, you can change the life you want for the way you want. Right?  A smile is the king of beauty; it’s the queen of ageless beauty.  


A healthy, balanced disease-free smile has the power to re-energize your life, improve your life, make you look decades younger and supercharge your emotions and interaction with the rest of the world.





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