10 Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

  1. Who is a candidate for dental implant treatment? 

Anyone who is missing or soon to be going to missing their tooth or teeth, such as:

  1. Severe gum disease patients.
  2. Questionable root canal therapy patients.
  3. Unsalvageable crown or bridge
  4. Those with an embarrassing smile can’t be corrected by orthodontic treatment, or patients who don’t want to go through orthodontic treatment
  5. Trauma patients
  6. Those with annoying dentures


  1. Why are dental implants the best treatment for my dental problem? 

 Implants are the best long term solution to:

  1. Get rid of your disease and pain once and for all
  2. Regain your chewing ability
  3. Long lasting
  4. Presentable, attractive


  1. Can I avoid dental implant treatment?

Dental implant treatment is the best solution for long term success of missing or soon-to-be missing teeth. If your problem teeth can be saved by conservative treatment such as Root Canal Therapy, Periodontal treatment or Orthodontics therapy with long term success prognosis, you should not have implant treatment!


  1. Why aren’t all dental implant treatments the same? 

Dental implant treatment focus on restore missing or going to missing teeth. There are four types of missing teeth:

  1. Single missing
  2. Multiple missing
  3. One arch missing
  4. Full mouth missing

The more teeth missing, the more advanced and complicated procedure involved, requiring more highly trained doctors and facilities.


  1. What defines a high quality dental implant treatment?

A successful dental implant treatment includes five aspects:

  1. No disease
  2. Sound bone foundation and healthy gums
  3. Adequate support with dental implant
  4. Attractive smile
  5. Long term quality


  1. What it is the process involved with dental implant treatment?

It depends on the type and severity of your teeth problem. A compete dental implant treatment involves five stages of treatment to transforming a rotten smile to implant supported Smile make over .

  1. Infection and disease control
  2. Rebuild foundation with bone grafting and gum grafting
  3. Place dental implant
  4. Deliver final prosthesis
  5. Long-term maintenance and hygiene care


  1. What is the Rose Wang Dental Implant Center?

It is an affordable high-quality modern dental service combined with full dental implant treatments – all in one location. Our goal is to help everyone to achieve a healthy smile for life.


  1. How is Rose Wang Dental Implant Center different than any other dental office?

Our Dental Implant Center is dedicated to helping implant patients (those who are missing, or will soon be missing a tooth or teeth) to have a healthy, restored smile for life. Rose Wang Dental Implant Center not only takes care all your general dental needs with modern dental technology and facility, but also provides specialized full dental implant services! Dental implant treatment is part of complete dental care, especially in restorative and cosmetic dental treatment, since 70% of the country’s population s missing at least one tooth. Furthermore, dental implant treatment often serves as the last and best long-term solution for any tooth-replacement options, due to aging or advanced dental problems.


  1. What happens if we are missing our tooth or teeth?

There are many bad consequences after we lose our teeth, including:

  1. Bone loss
  2. Denture (partial or full) will be less and less stable and less functional ( you could lose more than 50% of your chewing capacity)
  3. Worse situation, your denture will start to loosen.
  4. The remaining teeth will start to shift position
  5. The aging and unattractive smile
  6. You start to give up the quality of your life and the your self-image. Worst of all, you start to give up part of you – the part that is responsible for your health, your confidence and your well-being !


  1. What should I do next ?

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