You don’t have to just accept the pain, shame and health risks of  diseased, missing and ugly teeth.

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Why Choose Partial Implant?

  • Preserve Bone
  • Comfortable
  • Restores Funclion
  • Upgradeable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Smile Makeover
  • Affordable

How Implants restore your smile

Rose Wang’s Advanced Dental Implant Center offers hope – get the smile you’ve always wanted

 Jack is a 61-year-old communications consultant, military vet and former journalist, with a dental history of trauma and substandard dental work. Read how he found the Power of a Smile to get new energy, joy and outlook on life. Read Jack’s Story >>

We’ve always been told to accept aging gracefully, especially when it comes to our bright and healthy smile. Life has a way of bringing tooth loss, grinding down of teeth, constant infection, and deterioration of the color into dingy shades of yellow. The end is toothlessness and uncomfortable, messy dentures. In our generation, “60 is the new 40,” and our life expectancy is double what it was a century ago. That’s a long chunk of time to go with ugly, unhealthy teeth.


trans Our generation invented desktops, tablets and smart phones. Adapting to new technology is one of our skills and perhaps our hallmark trait. Medical advances have pushed back our life expectancy. We jog or walk to out-distance time. And today’s advanced dental tech offers to defeat the specter of dental misery for good. Diseased, broken and ugly teeth – you don’t have to take it anymore. No excuses!

trans Fortunately new technology can give you back your smile. trans

Dr. Rose Wang, DMD, and her experienced associates believe whole-heartedly in delivering the best possible care, using advanced techniques, and in providing personalized services. Dr. Wang infuses those values in both her Lexington, Ma., Dental Implant Center, and her Nashua, NH dentist office. We believe in continuing education, so our dentists are always delivering of the newest developments in dentistry. Because of this, we are also able to use the latest technology for restorative treatments, which can keep you more comfortable, save time, and reduce your expenses.

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If you recognize that you have a major dental issue, you need to know the importance of acting immediately, rather than putting it off.  Here’s why:

Gum Disease - Printed Diagnosis with Red Pills, Injections and Syringe. Medical Concept with Selective Focus.


 Most Americans have some degree of gum disease – the result of bacteria that is omnipresent.  And the stresses on aging teeth means that some bone loss is common, especially in areas where teeth have been lost.  Because dental implants are placed in the bone, it’s critical to get treatment before the bone is too badly eroded.  Every day counts.

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 It’s hard to overstate the importance of healthy teeth and gums to your health.  The link between gum disease and diabetes is so close that many consider them symbiotic.  Diabetes, which is an epidemic in our generation, can lead to blindness, kidney damage and death.  Other illnesses linked to gum disease include heart disease and circulatory damage, high blood pressure and cancer.

Dental Implant Detail


 It’s common for people to delay dental treatment and then using “Band-aid” treatments that fail quickly.  It’s also common to just accept the loss of a tooth.  Unfortunately both quick fixes and missing teeth end up worsening the condition of the entire mouth.  This means that the cost of treatment goes up.  Radical bone loss, for example, may require bone-grafting to allow the placement of implants.

Top 10 Reasons to Trust Rose Wang’s Dental Implant Center

1. Advanced dental technologies: In-house CT scanner, One-visit Cerec crown, Laser Dentistry, Dental Microscope, Sappire/LumiBrite Whiting. 2. State-of-the-art facility: Including an in-house CAD/CAM dental lab 3. Knowledgeable doctors, with over 1000 hours of continuing education training in cutting edge technology 4.Experienced and Expert in dental implants , especially in full mouth reconstruction. Over 1000 implant placements and over 100 full mouth smile makeovers 5. Highest Quality product: We use only high quality dental materials for implants, prosthesis and restorations. 6. Experts in full-scale dental implant services (beginning to end care ) from single implant, implant-supported bridges, dentures, and full mouth reconstruction to full level bone grafting treatment. 7. All-in-one full services with two locations: Lexington, MA and Nashua, NH. 8. Well-trained team with 5 experienced implant, restorative and general dentists, 4 hygienists, 2 Lab technicians and a dental staff that delivers uncompromising high quality dental services. 9. Consistent and highly reputable within the local community. Voted the best dentists in greater Nashua, with over 1000 positive online reviews; more than 80% of new patients are referrals. 10. Affordable. and flexible treatment options. Insurance welcome, and third party financing is available!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

What happens when we are missing a tooth, or teeth?

There are many bad consequences after we lose our teeth, including:

        1. Bone loss
        2. Denture (partial or full) will be less and less stable and less functional ( you could lose more than 50% of your chewing capacity)
        3. Worse situation, your denture will start to loosen
        4. The remaining teeth will start to shift position
        5. The aging and unattractive smile
        6. You start to give up the quality of your life and your self-image. Worst of all, you start to give up part of you – the part that is responsible for your health, your confidence and your well-being!

        Who is a candidate for dental implants?

        Anyone who is missing or soon to be going to missing their tooth or teeth, such as:

              1. Severe gum disease patients.
              2. Questionable root canal therapy patients.
              3. Unsalvageable crown or bridge
              4. Those with an embarrassing smile can’t be corrected by orthodontic treatment, or patients who don’t want to go through orthodontic treatment
              5. Trauma patients
              6. Those with annoying dentures

          Why are dental implants the best treatment for my dental problem?

          Dental Implants are the best long term solution to:

                1. Get rid of your disease and pain once and for all
                2. Regain your chewing ability
                3. Long lasting
                4. Presentable, attractive

            Can I avoid dental implant treatment?

            Dental implant treatment is the best solution for long term success of missing or soon-to-be missing teeth. BUT – If your problem teeth can be saved by conservative treatment such as Root Canal Therapy, Periodontal treatment or Orthodontics therapy with long term success prognosis, you should not have implant treatment!

            Why aren’t all dental implant treatments the same?

            Dental implant treatment focuses on restore missing or going to missing teeth. There are four types of missing teeth:

                  1. Single missing
                      1. Multiple missing
                          1. One arch missing
                              1. Full mouth missing

                            The more teeth missing, the more advanced and complicated procedure involved, requiring more highly trained doctors and facilities.

                            What defines a high quality dental implant treatment?

                            A successful dental implant treatment includes five aspects:

                                  1. No disease
                                  2. Sound bone foundation and healthy gums
                                  3. Adequate support with dental implant
                                  4. Attractive smile
                                  5. Long term quality

                                  What it is the process involved with dental implant treatment?

                                  It depends on the type and severity of your teeth problem. A compete dental implant treatment involves five stages of treatment to transforming a rotten smile to implant supported Smile make over .

                                        1. Infection and disease control
                                        2. Rebuild foundation with bone grafting and gum grafting
                                        3. Place dental implant
                                        4. Deliver final prosthesis
                                        5. Long-term maintenance and hygiene care

                                    What is the Rose Wang Dental Implant Center?

                                    It is an affordable high-quality modern dental service combined with full dental implant treatments – all in one location. Our goal is to help everyone to achieve a healthy smile for life and tap into the Power of your Smile.

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